Pine Cone Christmas Trees

How adorable are these simple, modern DIY pine cone Christmas trees! It's an easy craft (easy enough for a toddler to do), but the end result is A-DOR-A-BLE! The materials are probably stuff you have at home too!

We made all the materials linkable so if you click on it it'll take you to purchase from amazon.

Pine Cones (or find them outside!)

Colorful Felt Balls

Tacky Glue


Glue a felt ball in various tips on the pinecone. If you're trying to achieve an organized look put the glue on the tips where you want the balls to go and have your child put the felt balls on the glue....OR let your child go wild ;)

Optional - place pinecone in a mason jar and close the top. There you have it! Adorable, easy, affordable holiday craft/decoration!


**Inspired by: The Wool Acorn

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