Teaching our Tots to be Thankful

Our kiddos are now 3.5.  Very intuitive, very cognizant, and very strong willed.  They know what they want, how they like things, and want to exercise any independence they have...at this insanely fun age.  As a mom, I want to ensure that my child knows to be thankful and aware, to share, and to feel the joy of giving.  


Our friends at LuCk have put together an awesome, simplified, and warm reminder to help encourage thankfulness in our daily lives...this post encouraged me that simple every day habits are the ones that my daughter will emulate. It's the every day.  We took it one step further and this year, my daughter helped me to put together gifts for her friends, teachers, family, and even picked out some toys (new and old) to give to variety of local charities.  At first, she wanted a present for herself too, but after a couple different picks, she was so happy to pick out gifts for others.  I was blown away when I asked her if we can share and give away her toys to other children that may not have toys and she enthusiastically said, "yes!"  and actually ran to her toy area and picked out about 8-10, with a "here, mommy."  She is learning the joy of giving.  


Check out LuCk's blog post:  Teaching Toddlers to be Thankful.  They also have awesome posts on different activities, crafts, games, and life with toddlers.  We love their blog!!!  They also just finished 5 days of dough, can't wait to try this one with our kids. You'll love their fun, simple, and great ideas. We love sharing great finds with you all and this is one of them:  www.luckct.blogspot.com.




Wishing you and yours a very merry holiday season,


alexander & sophia

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