Getting Ready for 2014...

With the new year approaching, and all of the resolutions pending, goals being made, and the start of a fresh's time to breathe and get ready.  Our friends at Healthy Coupon Mama, have put together a couple of posts that really resonated with me in time for the New Year:  

  • The first is  A Selfish Resolution:  Don't forget to include "me" time, because, after co-juggling a business, a husband who is gone a lot for work, being a full time mom, taxi driver, chef, and meeting many social obligations, I get so busy that I hardly ever make time for just me. But head on over to her blog, she says it much better than I do!  
  • This is also a time for me to take a look at our budget and set new financial goals for our family!  And every little bit counts, right? So this article from our friends at Healthy Coupon Mama, 5 Ways to Save Without Coupons was really helpful.  It's simple, and practical enough, with just a little time to plan.  

Check out Healthy Coupon Mama, her blog, her recipes, and her saving tips!  It is a great resource and a fun read.  

Here's to a happy, healthy, and prosperous Year!


alexander & sophia



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