Spring Collection 2014

Last month, after a few unexpected snags, we landed on the island of Oahu for our Spring Collection photo shoot.  With flight nightmares, bags separated, a back up camera, and rescheduled photo shoot with our models from the casting call, we FINALLY made it!  Husbands & kids in tow, the amazing little models and their adoring parents, the Dream Compass styling duo, and the extraordinary Hailey Faria, photographer (click for her facebook page), we landed in Ewa Beach, full of green space, docks, and water.  Perfect for our spring look!  

The most challenging part about our photo shoots is sizing.  We have set samples, in assorted sizes, and have to cast and match them up with our models.  It is always hard choosing who to cast, since we want to cast EVERYONE!  Ha!  Each child submitted has their own unique and wonderful look, but usually we have to go with what sizes we have in our samples.  The children were amazingly cooperative, we had great weather, and the location was superb.  The end results were phenomenal. Check out some behind the scenes pics - yep, that's some of us trying to get the kids to laugh!!!  


We are alexander & sophia.  Two moms & sisters (Candice Dietz & Connie Derry), inspired by our love of fashion, our little babes, and trends that are affordable.  People ask us how we came up with the name alexander & sophia:  alexander is the middle name of Connie's son, and sophia is the middle name of Candice's daughter.  

Our kids are included in every photo shoot, and they actually love it!  They love meeting and playing with the other kids and have so much fun!  My sister and I got pregnant, about a month apart, totally unplanned, but our husbands are suspicious (LOL)...but in all honesty, it was such a great surprise!  It's been so amazing to share the joys, hard days, laughs, and just all around mommyhood together!  The kids LOVE each other, and have a really special bond; they're cousins and best friends. We will showcase each family on an upcoming blog post, so you can get to know us a little better.  :)

Until then....

alexander & sophia


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