To be honest, I've never really been into Valentine's Day, but it's so much more fun now with a little one!  Surprisingly, when we went to Target to browse the Valentine's with my daughter, she passed on the boxed Valentine's which was shocking.  She loves Sofia the First, Princesses, Doc, etc but when I asked her what we should get for her friends, she didn't answer.  So we kept walking, and I ended up in the "crafty" section.  I asked if she wanted to make some things...and she answered with a very enthusiastic "YES".  

We just finished up making Valentine's for her preschool class.  Below is the finished product.  She's 3 and I'm so proud of her crafting skills.  I would have been just as fine if she wanted to buy boxed Valentine's, but this is what she wanted to do this year.  Materials listed below.  



Materials all found in-store at Target, unless otherwise mentioned:


Foam Hearts 

Glitter Glue Pens

Lollipops (we got the organic ones from Whole Foods)

Sharpie & tape (had at home)


1.  Have your child write his/her name on one side of the foam heart with a marker (we used Sharpie), do it together, or write in yourself, depending on their writing skills/interest.

2.  Decorate the hearts with glitter glue pens!  There are NO rules, let your child have fun!!!  The best part, each one will be unique and special.

3.  Set aside to dry.  We let them dry overnight.  

4.  After the glue dries, stick lollipops on the foam hearts with some tape.

5.  Then finish off with some stickers.

 She is so excited to share these with her friends & daddy!  We stashed the Valentine's inside a ziploc bag, because the ants love those lollipops.  They're ready to go for her Vday party at school. 

Growing up I have memories of my mom, having special treats, presents or baskets for us when we woke up or came home from school on holidays.  It was THE best!  I hope to carry on that tradition. 

The box you see in the picture is for her surprise.  Inside will be a new Pinkalicious book (because that's one of her faves), an outfit to wear to school for the party, and balloons!  

Happy Valentine's Day everyone,

alexander & sophia



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